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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

When it comes to convenient shopping I'm all about Amazon Prime. I've purchased things that I'd rather not even admit to through Amazon because I didn't want to put on my shoes and drive the .5 mile to CVS. And two days of waiting seems like way less effort. But sometimes I find myself drawn to Amazon for more than convenience. Sometimes you can actually find affordable & quality items that are fashionable! GASP! Don't believe me? Here are my top 12 favorite Amazon home decor pieces-- some are even in my house! Others, I wish were...

1. Nordic Blue Plug In Sconce | 2. Set of 2 Industrial Plug In Sconce | 3. Table Lamp Blue & White | 4. Euro Shams (4 color options) | 5. Set of 4 Pillow Covers | 6. Seagrass Basket (4 size & 2 color options) | 7. Rattan Pedestal Fruit Bowl (2 color options) | 8. Double Jewelry Tray (2 color options) | 9. Antique Rabbit Wall Hook | 10. Kvell Pop Wall Clock (8 color options) | 11. Large Wood Bead Garland | 12. Set of 2 Velvet & Wood Chair (5 color options)


As of now, I have these Industrial Plug In Sconces in our office. They add a lot to that little space. You can view some more pictures of that space here. If you live in a rental, I highly recommend plug in lights, whether that be pendants or sconces. It's a super quick and inexpensive way to instantly add life & light to your space. In fact, it's one of the biggest design impacts for our home (you can read the rest of those impacts here).

A recent update of our home included selling art that I wasn't thrilled with, which allowed me the space and money to buy new pieces. I saw these cute Rabbit Wall Hooks and had to have them for our little entry!


A few of these above items I desperately want in my own home (& have the space for!), specifically numbers 6,7, and 11.

If I had room then definitely 12 too! And if I get tired of my pillows (which will eventually happen), then I will most likely purchase some from number 5. These are from Woven Nook; they also have an Esty shop and a website. They have some of the best prices for pillow covers that I've ever seen. Take a quick look and you'll see that they have lots of awesome patterns and colors! Some of my other favorite pillow cover companies are listed here.

And though I'm all stocked up on lamps, if I ever want to get a new one, I will start the hunt with Jonathan Y, which is where number 3 is from! They have an awesome selection of inexpensive transitional lighting.

Have you found awesome deals on Amazon for home decor? Share below!

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