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Traditional French Vintage Office (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

If you're craving a moody office that doesn't feel stuffy but also has a classic style that makes you want to curl up candlelit with a book, then stop what you're doing because today I have a treat for you! This is a project that has been in the works for several months now as we have been designing several rooms along with this masterpiece -- a Masculine French Office.

Before I even touched this room it had beautiful bones-- but it needed some love. The previous color was green and though I love green it was faded and just not the right color for this space. We spruced it up with a beautiful shade from Sherwin WIlliams called Cyberspace. It's the perfect mix of blue and gray without being either!

With this new paint the hardware also needed to be updated, we went with round brass hardware which has a traditional feel but with clean lines.

A tufted leather sofa seemed like the obvious choice -- it doesn't take an interior designer to figure that out! After viewing some classic chesterfield sofas, it was beyond clear that it would feel too stuffy in this already ornate room. I was on the lookout for a sofa that had a classic look, that was luxurious, but that also would bring in some straight lines and look "cool". It was love at first sight when I stumbled upon this sofa from Joybird.

Though I'm typically wary of mixing leathers and having only leather seating-- it works so well in this space. Maybe it's the warmth they provide against the all blue walls and cabinetry or perhaps this naturally dark room sets the mood for all leather everything, whatever it is, it works!

To contrast the colder blue walls I added a few brass accents throughout the room, which really warms up the space. Brass trinkets are tastefully placed on the built ins while a brass drum coffee table is our lovely tufted sofas bff. I mean really, brass and leather-- is there anything better?! Oh I know... brass, leather, & warm wood!

Of course I added a beautifully decadent wood office desk. Those legs have me swooning... and my husband. Funny story actually, Zach has been wanting a stand/sit desk for our home office and I keep avoiding the subject because they never look good. They're entirely utilitarian, however, after seeing this desk in person, he now realizes just how influential pretty furniture can be. Who wouldn't want to sit at this desk and get loads of work done?!

The art above this desk is picture my clients snapped while on vacation at a safari -- how cool, right?! It's just one of the little personal touches found in this office.

Throughout the whole design process, we were balancing classic with trendy, traditional with new, and fresh with posh. This trickled down even to the details of our accessories and throws. A huge and super ornate mirror hangs over the sleek sofa; while we have accessories like succulents and geometric shapes to continue the idea of balance. Now that it is finished and I have taken a step back, away from the many, many iterations, I couldn't be happier with how all these styles came together! And if you love it, you can check out where we purchased the main items below.

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