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NO. 1

Don't be a slave to what the magazines, Pinterest, or to what your friends say is "in style". Our team will make your dream home come true.

We don't have cookie cutter designs. Rather, we love to figure out what makes your style uniquely you.

Whimsily is here to make your life easy. Let us take care of all the details, because let's be honest, life can be overwhelming enough.

As a full service design firm, we act as a liaison with all trades-- making sure every detail is perfect. We then oversee the execution. Your job is to simply approve our work and watch as it unfolds.


NO. 2

 Our number one goal is to make you happy. We will tailor our services to your project scope. It's no one size fits all with us.

Whether you want to add a few odd jobs to our list or configure an assortment of services, we are happy to create a package just for you and your home!


NO. 3

owner + principal designer

Jorgi Watt

Since I was very little I loved fashion, art, and interiors. These passions only grew as I got older and so did my talent in them. My Momma has always encouraged me to be creative and to do my absolute best at making things both pretty & functional. While my Daddy taught me to be entrepreneurial and risk taking. He is the owner of Horse Saddle Shop and let me see the innerworkings of his business.

Growing up I felt the importance of home. It was always my retreat -- the number one place where I was safe and known. It was where friends became family, and as cheesy as it sounds, where my family became my greatest friends. I'll forever be grateful that my Mom carefully tended to our physical home. Like her, I know interiors greatly affect our lives.

In high school and college I was fascinated with entrepreneurs and loved taking as many business classes as I could fit into my schedule. I studied Interior Design for 2 years at Indiana University Bloomington, where I met my now Husband, Zachary Brian.

We now reside in Bloomington with our two children, Theo + Elsie Lou. When I'm not designing, you can find me at a coffee shop, visiting my big (crazy!) family, or enjoying time outside talking to bunnies and smelling flowers.

Jorgi Interior Designer

Meet the


Each opportunity is one
to glorify Christ.

Our words and spirit are always kind and uplifting.


Family takes precedence,
when needed, even over work.


Each job is a chance
for our betterment.


Our principles guide us even when no one is looking.


We do our best when
we work together.


We carefully tend to everything our hands touch.


Work fuels and excites us.





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