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Shop Our Valentines Day Home

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Valentine's Day is one of my favorites -- I love love. And I love pink. And I love the whimsiness & romanticism that comes out of Valentine's day. So needless to say, I plan outfits leading up to Valentine's day, I make sure we have a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Valentine's, and I most definitely decorate my home for this special day!

There were a few things I owned that weren't Valentines themed but that certainly can convey an overall Valentines & Love aesthetic. Items like pink depression glass, flowers, all the pink & white pillows and throws, and photos of Zach and I kissing each other. I pulled out all these items and gave them center stage.

But I wanted a few new pieces that were 100% Valentine's Day theme. Like many home décor consumers, I jumped on the Target app and started shopping. Yep -- even as an Interior Designer I sometimes source from Target ;) They're just that good and so very reasonably priced.

Two days later, I had four adorable accessories show up on my door step!


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