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Simple Valentine's Decor: A Valentine's Coffee Table

I love Valentine's. Deep within me is a romantic that can't get enough rom-com movies or a dozen roses. But to my understanding, there are some people that just don't get Valentine's Day. Like my husband, who says, "Valentine's Day was just created by Hallmark to sell cards." Wow. Thanks, Love of My Life.

Simple Valentine's Decor on a Tray

Even though I love Love, I also love simplicity. My goal is to achieve a romantic look with as little time, money, and effort as possible. So if you’re sort of a grumpy guss when it comes to Valentine’s day (like my husband) or whether you’re like me and prefer simple even on one of your favorite days, then buckle down, because this is the exact post for you!

I know it’s shocking, but you don’t have to buy up everything in the dollar spot at Target and place it all throughout your home! Who woulda thunk it?! Instead, focus just one on area and sprinkle tasteful decor. And Valentine’s decor doesn’t have to be outright Valentine-y. It can be more suggestive; like roses, pinks, reds, and velvets. Though you can mix in outright Valentine’s themed items if you prefer.

Here’s how I made our entire main living space look romantic by focusing on one area. It’s what I’m calling “simple Valentine’s decor”. Seriously, just with my coffee table decorated for Valentine’s, our entire living/kitchen/dining space was transformed.

Coffee Table Decor

First, pick out your favorite Valentine’s items. For me, that is a no brainer list of chocolates, candles, a yummy drink, and of course pink! Maybe yours are roses, hot cocoa, a picture of your grandma, or a cute sloth holding a heart! Whatever reminds you most of Valentine’s Day or of love, grab it.

Simple Valentine's Decor

Once you’ve done that, find a tray. If you don’t already have a tray, purchase one, it’ll change your decorating life! Trays make decorating so easy. They are the staple of any Interior Designers accessories. In a magical way, trays make everything in the group work together. They also add separation from the rest of the space.

Rose to set the mood

After settling on this antique tray, which just looks so darling, I piled on my favorite Valentine’s items.

For my particular look, I wanted just a bit more pink than what the peach depression glass and chocolate wrappers (Aren’t these chocolates adorable? They are just from the Dollar Store) were giving me. I added this IKEA floor mat to add some depth and color.

Dollar Tree Chocolate Candies in a Peach Depression Glass

That’s it! Just a few of your favorite things and a tray all piled onto your coffee table and viola! You are ready for an easy but fun Valentine’s day!



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