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Downtown Boho-Glam Dining Room Reveal

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Welcome back! If you missed the living room reveal, then click here. Otherwise, keep on a readin'!

This room was previously used as a living room but we thought it best to have it's main function as a dining room for entertaining guests. However, since this has the best lighting in the whole home our clients also wanted a place where they could lounge, watch tv, and work. We created two seating vignettes in one room to aid in making this a dual purpose room. One side is comprised of a dining table and the other is a seating nook with two velvet armchairs.

On the dining portion we went with a high back comfortable settee that is positioned directly across the TV. This little bench is a perfect working spot on top of the expected dining. And though the bench is stunning (a clearance Arhaus item) the dining table steals the show. It's burled wood and simple lines balance the boho-glam to perfection.

To add the ambiance and comfort,I layered on pillows and put up plug in wall sconces. These sconces add a bit of light, but more than anything they compete this nook by anchoring the bench.

If you haven't yet discovered the magic of plug in sconces and pendants, I recommend you hop onto Pinterest and start scrolling. If you struggle with making commitments, are a renter, or don't have the money for adding lights, then a plug in is your answer! I rent and have a set of sconces as well as a large plug in chandelier in my home.

In order to have a similar balance of glam to boho as that in the living room, I added rustic accessories. Wood plates, dried florals, and worn pottery did just the trick. It's amazing how accessories change the feeling of a room!

The final piece of the puzzle was the large blank wall. Because this couple travels a lot, they have great photos. We decided to put the photos to use by doing a very simple gallery wall. (** Pictures of the gallery wall coming soon!)


1. White Vase | 2. Wood Appetizer Plates | 3. Ceiling Light | 4. 6' Faux Tree | 5. Green Velvet Chair | 6. Cream Pillow | 7. Pink Colorblock Pillow | 8. Mauve Tassel Pillow | 9. Sheekpskin | 10. Striped Pillow SOLD OUT | 11. Abstract Art | 12. Plug In Sconces | 13. Blue Settee SOLD OUT | 14. Burl Wood Dining Table | 15. Black Velvet Dining Chair SOLD OUT | 16. Faux Plant | 17. Task Globe Lamp | 18. Media Console | 19. Palm Rug

Next Monday we will be releasing the Master bedroom pictures as well as the Shop the Look!

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