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Whimsily's Design Process

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Get to know how simple our design process is. We will go into the specifics of each step -- pointing out areas that we provide superior services -- allowing you to create the home of your dreams.

The process is meant to make designing your home as simple, quick, and affordable as possible so that we can focus all our efforts on creating your dream home.

STEP ONE: Getting Acquainted

Our first goal is to create a good foundation where you understand our process, billing & fees, and what to expect. To do so, we like to start with a free 30 minute meeting via Zoom. This also is a covetable time for us because we will get to know you & your project goals a little better. You'll be informed & comfortable from the get-go.

Depending on what services you want, we may move forward with an Initial Consultation. Either way, before any contracts are signed we will give you an estimate of our design hours and a furnishings budget if necessary.

STEP TWO: Style Exploration

During our second meeting we will dissect your style with the help of our style quiz, questionnaire, & inspiration images. This is a very important step as it will be our guide through the whole design phase.

Many people aren't sure what their style is, they may not know how to communicate their style, or they have a skewed perception of their style. If you fit into one of these categories there is no need to worry -- we will assess, ask questions, and figure out your style together.

STEP THREE: Creating Your Design

Now comes the fun part! Each project is vastly different. We do everything from simply specifying paint colors, to holiday accessorizing, to whole home furnishing, to designing large scale renovations. So I'll speak generically for the sake of this blog, but during our free zoom meeting we will tailor our process to your specific project.

For most projects, we will create floorplans and depending on how large scale or complicated your project is, we will also create 3d models to assist in visualization. All of our research, specifications, & details will be laid out on a pdf. And we will have rounds of revisions.

The revision phase will likely take a couple of tries until it is your dream home. We do not stop until you are over-the-moon excited about your new space -- tweaking it as much as possible. Typically this is done over email, however, if it seems more fitting to have in person meetings then we will do that!

If your project is a remodel or new home our specifying will start broad and gradually become very granular down to the tiniest details. It's also important to note that we have relationships with phenomenal contractors that will be able to implement our crazy, unique, and beautiful ideas.

Once the design is completed we will start in on purchasing. For new home/remodel/addition projects, we pass the purchasing off to the contractors. However, if we are specifying any furnishings for your home we will purchase all the items. To make sure we are on the same page about every detail, we will create a Purchase Document which has quantities, notes, prices, & taxes all included.

STEP FOUR: Final Touches

One of our favorite stages is this last one because we get to pull the entire design together and make it your home! Once the contractors have implemented our designs and all the furniture has come in, our team will come back to stage & accessorize.

We shop at local stores and pick up accessories and small décor. Then head to your home to hang art, steam curtains, tweak furniture and rug placement, and accessorize tabletops and shelves.

Anything you don't love will be returned. At the end of all these phases we will finalize our purchasing sheet to see if there are any credits or debits.

As you can see, each project is wildly different (which makes it so fun for us!) but our 4 step process keeps you informed & our team moving as efficiently as possible so that our time can be spent on creating one of a kind designs for you!

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