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Our Enchanted Forest Mural

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Do you ever have times where you come up with an awesome idea but have no clue how to make it happen? Ideas that are just a little out there but you can completely visualize it? Yep, that's what happened one gloomy morning after we had taken down our Christmas tree. Clothing and interiors always seem so blah after Christmas, at least for me. Sparkle & whimsy fill our home during Christmas with the decor, yummy food, and the spirit that fills the air. There's lots of fun music, snuggling, and a feeling of peace. But it seems like it fades away once the Christmas tree is down.

Okay, enough with that, because it's Summer! So this big idea I was talking about...

It was to create a beautiful wall mural that would compliment our sofa and add color & life to our whole space. My first option was to put up removable wallpaper. However, our walls are in poor shape so I feared it would be impossible to remove. The next option was to hand paint. But I have neither the patience nor the talent to pull it off well. That's when I text the very talented Liz. Liz had painted us another image that hangs in our living room so I knew she could do it, I just didn't know if she'd want to do it. Thankfully, she was up for the challenge! And it turned out better than I could have imagined.

Honestly, I could just stare at the before and after all day. How did I live with such a boring wall for so long?!

Wondering how to make a masterpiece in your own home? Here's how:

Instead of buying craft paint, I purchased Sherwin Williams paint samples. I was told by an art teacher that as long as the sheen matched or had a higher sheen than the wall we should be fine. But she recommended purchasing wall paint to be extra safe. These samples only come in satin and are around $3 each. There is plenty of paint leftover so now I am looking out for items in our house to paint!

Paints Used:

1. Fallen Leaves - SW9114 - for the branches

2. Peekaboo Goral - HGSW2065 - for the flowers

3. Romance - HGSW2067 - for the flowers

4. Privelege Green - HGSW3253 - for the leaves

5. Crescent Blue - HGSW2357 - for the birds

6. Pure White - SW7005 - for the highlights

Below you can see all the details of this mural. She turned out so beautifully!

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