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Traditional French Vintage Bedroom (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

When my client wanted to design a room for her guests, I was all in. Having a room designated to guests already makes my heart so happy but she wanted to go above and beyond by having intentional design! The main problem we had to solve was that there was a door in the middle of the largest wall which made it impossible to place a bed anywhere. That door leads to an unfinished attic and one day they may want to bust the wall and create one huge space. Because of that we didn't want to put too much money into something that would hide it.

A little Pinterest perusing led to these awesome inspiration images.

However, there was an issue with these and that came to price. To purchase all this fabric and then to have it made, it would easily cost several thousands. A little much for a guest bedroom. But with some creativity we came up with an idea-- a cornice and thick curtains. Easy & yet so beautiful.

Once I knew we were using curtains behind the bed, I quickly envisioned the bedding. I saw patterned curtains and then a white duvet. To add interest and to make sense of the patterned backdrop there needed to be some dashes of other patterns. I brought this in with the bed skirt and a few pillows.

The bedding is what guided the whole room. I wanted the bed to capture your focus as soon as you walked through the door. In order to really achieve that I subdued the rest of the room so that it didn't compete but elevated the bed. I kept the colors and patterns of the other pieces in the room light & airy.

On one side of the room there is a window with a slipper chair -- its a super bright spot so it just feels effortlessly pretty. I added some more stripes here because it needed some pattern, but again, I didn't want it competing with the bed. This stripe is an echo of the bedding, but in mellower colors.

The other side of the room has a built in bench. We put some warm pillows and focused on having a clean design. This little nook is right beside the dresser which has an adorable piece of art perched atop. It's a corner that is so simple in design, but it makes you feel calm & happy!

Isn't this one of the best guest bedrooms ever? I mean, I wish this was my bedroom!

Be sure to check out the rest of this project, here.

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