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Downtown Boho-Glam Master Bedroom Reveal (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

There's nothing like going to bed and waking up in a fresh and beautiful bedroom. It makes the waking up experience so much easier! For this large Master bedroom we wanted that blissful experience meshed with this clients Contemporary Boho-Glam style. In order to do this, I started with a vision for a few big pieces that would command the room. When done right, styling with just a few pieces that are large makes rooms feel more energetic, stately, and welcoming. However, when it's not done right, a room can feel bland and stark.

The difference between a welcoming and stark room largely depends on colors and materials. A soft gray upholstery makes up most of the room. While the bedside chests have simple rounded detailing in a medium wood tone to further add a sense of warmth.

As for the bedding, I continued with a soft gray quilt and simple white sheets. The solid colors continue the simple yet refreshing look of this room. To add a sense of luxury, three velvet light purple pillows were added. A little touch of soft purple just felt "right". And I liked the color so much that I put little touches of it around the room with some decor. An additional of minimal color vastly helped in transforming this room from something bland to something exquisite.

Take a closer look at the bedside chests and you'll see that the right side chest has more of a feminine approach while the left one is a bit more masculine. This is done subtly but it is just a touch that fits my clients well.

A little greenery goes a long way, but it pulls in nature -- instantly adding softness. Plus these dried basil plants smell yummy and is a great scent to fall asleep to. I added a fun piece of art too. Like I mentioned in their Living Room Reveal, this couple travels a lot. This art, and the unique wood bowl, were needed to pull in a bit of their personality and hobbies.

As for the left side, I couldn't help but pair the table lamp next to these curtains. They have just enough of a similar pattern that has a subtle posh hotel look. Aren't they the perfect pair?! A few other fun and masculine accessories add some depth.

My client wanted a spot to put on her makeup. We found this beautiful black and brass piece from World Market. The metal accents and simple lines are Glam while the black herringbone wood adds some boho. I wanted to keep the balance of boho-glam with the accessories. To do so, I layered mostly Glam items onto a boho tray. It is simple principle but it has a stunning result!

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