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New England Inspired Living Room (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Combining Costa Rican flair with the style of New England seemed like a bit of a challenge, but one that I was excited about! My clients grew up in Costa Rica but have lived in the New England area for some time. They recently moved to Bloomington, but they wanted their home to be a morph between these two unique styles. After taking my Home Style Quiz, we came to the conclusion that their main style was Traditional New England with pops of pieces inspired by and bought from, none other than the luscious Costa Rica.

To pull in just a bit of the Costa Rican style we used bright colors. They had existing chairs that are cream, robins egg blue, and brown (pictured below). I used that as a jumping off point for the whole color scheme. Then I added just a bit of red as an accent color. Subtle hints of Costa Rica can be found in the decor. They had some accessories that they brought from their home. We sprinkled these items all throughout. I also added live plants all around. Indoor plants have always had a place in my heart, but they work super well in this home! And she said that they reminded her of her home in Costa Rica.

This living room design was a challenging one since it so large. There was no way to use all of the space, so I broke it up into three different sections. The first portion is to act as part of the entry since they don't really have one --- complete with a bench with storage. The living room has a sofa, loveseat, and settee. On the far end of the room we have two chairs-- a great place for conversation or reading.

Once we nailed down the style, color scheme, and furniture plan, everything fell into place. Our budget was rather tight for how much furniture we needed (a sofa, loveseat, settee, bench, coffee table, rug. side tables, and two entertainment consoles, as well as decor!). Most of the furniture is from Wayfair, Houzz, and Pier 1. And they all look amazing... as you can see! I am especially impressed with the sofas (the sofa is $700) and would definitely recommend them!

We were able to cut out some of the decor costs by using much of what my clients had collected. They had a few awesome pieces of art, like the painting below. On top of their art, they also had a lot of vases and knick knacks. I love using existing decor because it usually has such distinct style. It is so much fun seeing each person's personality burst through with unique accessories.

You can Shop the Look Below!

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