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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

If you're on Pinterest as much as me (that's nearly impossible!) then you've probably come across some awesome Christmas trees that look impossible to recreate. Not so! Here's a step by step guide for how to create a beautiful Christmas masterpiece!

Here's how I decorate a Christmas tree ( I know this is a bit late, but maybe it will be helpful for you next year!)


There's a bit of technique when it comes to lighting a tree-- whether you like very full big boys or more bare Charlie Browns (which are my Momma's favorite!). The trick is to work the lights from the center of the tree near the trunk and wrap all the way out to the tip of the branches. If anything, over light it! It's better to skimp out on ornaments then to skimp out on lights.


Now if you're like me, then you haven't quite built up your ornament game. That's okay! Buy a big cheap pack, there's no shame. Similar to the lights, you need to layer ornaments all throughout the tree. From the trunk all the way to the tip of the branches. Specifically for the base ornaments or the cheap ones or even your less favorite ones, put these near the trunk. They will be a little bit hidden, but will still be seen and make the tree look so much more luxurious!

*pro tip: I like to buy sparkly and super shiny cheap ornaments so that they reflect even more of the string lights at the trunk of the tree.


Our goal is to get a tree that looks full, luxurious, and layered like a really stellar fall outfit! So in order to get that, use different size ornaments! Buy a few oversized ornaments and evenly disperse them on the tree. I promise this will separate your tree from something anyone can do to a magazine tree... or pinterest tree... whichever...


Now that you have a good base, it's time to put up your favorite ornaments. The ones that you spent a little more on! You can put these near the end of the branches so that they are more visible.


I like to add some additional stems to the tree. I have these small berry like branches that I put throughout the tree (though I admit that I think I should have bought more to have a larger impact). You can also purchase flowers or leaf like stems. Stick these all throughout the tree but keep them mostly toward the end and middle of the branches. Personally, I think this adds a bit of pizzazz and really makes a tree pop! Hobby Lobby is a great source for Christmas stems.


My last step is the ribbon and/or garland. I haven't yet used garland, but maybe one day it will make it in. However, I do use ribbon! I have two different kinds, a pink sparkly ribbon and a white, silver and gold plaid ribbon. Again, place these throughout the tree where there might be empty spots. I like semi bare trees, but not total Charlie Browns, so I also put ribbon near the trunk because they are still quite visible.

VIOLA! You have a masterpiece tree!

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