Best Coffee Table Book Finds

Since getting married, I have had a thirst for reading. It's like a switch flipped-- I used to hate reading and now it's my favorite past time. I think it's because it is one activity that really allows me to relax. I can curl up in blanket with a warm cup of coffee and learn about other worlds or times and people and cities. Unfortunately Z and I don't have a book fund and I was reading a bit too quickly! That's when I decided to get a library card. The last book I read was absolutely amazing, it is called The Mapmakers Wife. It's a non-fiction that's partly about a Peruvian woman who travels through the Amazon to re-unite with her husband that she hasn't seen in 20 years. But apart from just finding great reading materials-- I have also started looking through other sections of the library.

During one of these long walks through the library :) I came upon these three awesome books: Vintage Roses, Cut Flower Garden, and House Beautiful Pink.

Now, you may be thinking that two of those books are flower books and you probably are saying to yourself, "It's Fall (almost Winter) why in the world would I look through flower books?". However, I don't think looking at beautiful flowers has to just be a seasonal thing-- in fact, I would prefer to look at them all throughout the year! And if you're like me, then indulge yourself and flip through one.

Vintage Roses may be my favorite of them all. It shows you all 150 different varieties of roses as well as lots of detail. Details like how often it flowers, what environment it does best in, it's general size, how to prune, if it has thorns, and even how it does when cut and if there are similar roses. I started writing down my favorites, and well, the list just got too long so I gave up. lol! I will definitely be purchasing this book when I one day start creating my dream garden!