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Downtown Boho-Glam Living Room Reveal (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Step foot inside this newly renovated downtown Indianapolis home. The home itself has a lot of Mid-Century modern features and we stayed true to some of those influences by keeping everything contemporary. However, we introduced glam and bohemian elements which make this space so striking.

A few fun facts about this lovely couple:

1. They live to travel. They've been lots of places and wanted their space to evoke a sort of traveled and nostalgic look. They also have awesome photos that we incorporated all throughout their house. In fact, as you'll see, most of the art is from their camera!

2. They love to entertain and they wanted their home to make it easy to do so. This majorly influenced most of our functional design decisions (like furniture, layout, materials, and so on).

3. Drinking is an art form. They love to indulge especially since they entertain so frequently. This too had quite a heavy influence in our design choices.

Below is our vision board. The very first thing we picked out was that huge sectional. The chaise is literally the size of a twin bed. It's amazing. Since this living room is large, I knew we needed a big honkin' piece that commanded the space. And my dear client loved the fact that it could seat so many people. This was the design jumping off point for the living room.


Another design decision that was made quickly was the wicker teardrop chair. My client knew she wanted something like this in her space--- even if it wasn't the most comfortable chiar. But it does look stunning mixed with all the items-- especially next to the renovated fireplace. And then we piled on pillows and fur to make up for the comfort.

Because this living room is often going to be filled with people, we needed to capitalize on seating. We chose do two small chairs instead of one big chair in the window nook. And these Anthropologie chairs were calling our name-- a perfect balance of Glam Boho as they are situated across from the teardrop wicker chair.

Anthropologie made another big impact with the coffee table. Amazingly simple and yet such a beauty. Not only did the design fit but so did the size. It was large enough next to the big ole sectional but it wasn't too big that is took all the floor space. We even had room for two pink ottomans for even more seating.

The biggest difference in this room is the Fireplace. It's quite amazing what some paint can do! We had the walls painted a deep shade called Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams. And the mantel was then painted white. A change of wall sconces also helped update this room. Now there is a focal point that does this room justice.

Speaking of lighting, this room gets very dark in the winter. In order to combat that (and of course for extra style points) we added a light fixture centered on the fireplace. I can't get over how perfect the chandelier is for this room!

And though this room is nothing short of amazing, there are still two more rooms for you to check out. Come back on Wednesday to view the Dining room (and shop the look) and then next Monday I will be releasing the Master Bedroom blog.

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