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Let's Talk Pillows: Inexpensive Pillow Resources

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

If I have any problems, it is probably my pillow addiction. But like any addict, I can give you "good" reasons as to why it's not an issue. For example, I can completely change the feel of a room for $100. BAM. Want to know my Designer secrets?


It's easy to spend $300 on just one pillow. I'm not kidding. But my budget is laughing hysterically because I barely can cough up $20. Thankfully I have a list of places to shop where my small budget is welcomed!

- H&M


The gray pillows below are H&M and their pillow forms are IKEA's


1. Purchase Pillows With a Zipper

I now only purchase pillows with a zipper and I'm using that tiny bit of DIY skill *tiny, tiny* to put zippers into my pillows that don't have them. The reason being?

- The covers last longer because as the forms get depleted and sad, I can switch them out.

- They are so much easier to store. I live in a tiny apartment so storage is limited. Without the pillow form, I can just fold the covers up and store them away without using tons of space.

- I can purchase forms that I love instead of being okay with what's already in the pillows.

I've added zippers to the fur pillows below

2. Purchase Bigger Pillow Forms

Have you noticed that your pillows look flat and sad? Maybe even drooping? Yep that's because for some reason the whole pillow market has teamed up to try and wreck our designs. ALL pillow forms are sized too small. I have yet, to find a pillow form sized for a 20x20 pillow that actually fits a 20x20 pillow. My rule is to purchase at least 1 size up in the pillow form. My favorite pillow form right now is IKEA's feather FJADRAR. I purchase the $10 26x26 pillow form for my 20x20 pillows.

This pillow cover is from Motion 52 & the form is FJADRAR

3. When In Doubt, Mix Textures

So now you have some awesome sources and you know which forms to purchase, but if you are stuck with how to mix and match pillows then either watch this video & read the blog for some tips or play with a monochromatic scheme that plays on different textures. For example, mix velvets, with chunky knits, and linens.

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