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30 Fun Things To Do At Home

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Whimsily is all about helping you create a haven in your home. Traditionally, we do that through interior design, but as of now, we need less tailored & perfect designs and more nitty gritty how to make home a happy place. So vearing from our typical blogs, today's blog is a list of fun things to do at your home... right now!

1. Build a fort - Read, write, sing, watch Netflix, nap, or play in a cozy fort!

3. Clean makeup brushes

4. Color/Draw/Paint

5. Be that old person on Tik Tok - I haven't actually tried it, but it looks like it can provide some quality entertainment! hah!

6. Bake bread - There are some easy ways to start bread!

7. Watch a documentary

8. Take a bath, with all the fixins!

9. Research & make your own clean home products

10. Teach your doggo more tricks

11. Make a cocktail

12. Create a funny video - Act like a newscaster, create a cooking show, act out a short story, or sing your favorite musical.

13. Read all the books

14. Create an indoor picnic

15. Find interesting at home workouts - Youtube is a great source or sign up for a trial of Beachbody!

16. A luxury at home spa day - Emily Henderson had the ultimate spa day that will definitely get you inspired!

17. Watch the sunrise & sunset - Make it a moment with your significant other & include a good drink

18. Write a short story/poetry/lyrics

19. Play cards -- Dutch Blitz, Speed, Exploding Kittens, Uno, Crazy Eights, Slapjack, and Phase 10 are fun options.

20. Declutter each & every room!

21. Memorize lyrics to an entire soundtrack - Les Miserables, Moana, and The Greatest Showman are some good go tos.

22. Play a PC game - My favorites are Sherlock Holmes (click & point mystery game) and Eastshade (a very scenic exploring game with puzzles, painting, & mysteries).

23. Write cards to family, friends, and people that have fed into your life

24. Plan a "post coronavirus" party - We are all going to need extra socializing time once this is all done with! Be the one to gather friends!

25. Pinterest a new recipe & try it

26. Create a photo book with your favorite memories - My husband and I create a Shutterfly photo book for each vacation. Use this time to catch up and do the same!

27. Wear a wacky costume all day - Have some fun, be a little weird, and add some spunk.

28. Treasure hunt!

29. Have a themed movie night - Dress accordingly, make themed snacks, and talk the lingo

30. Work on your home decor - We have plenty of blogs to help with that; like finding your home style, how to paint your kitchen, the best Amazon home products, & so many more!


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