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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Rattan-- the new hip wicker. It's for those who live in the dessert, near the water, but surprisingly, it's even become popular for homes like mine in cornfield Indiana. And I ain't mad about it. Count me in for subtly adding coastal culture to my very Not-coastal apartment! However, if you are like me and wish that you lived near water, but don't, you also probably want to keep the rattan to a limit in budget and in actual pieces.

So, here are my favorite inexpensive rattan items. Everything from mirrors to bar stools! My absolute favorites from this list that I want to buy now and throw into my tiny apartment??? Numbers 3, 6, & 10.

Okay so you've got a good resource for what to buy but what about how to style in your home which probably doesn't contain anything related to this? I've got your back on that too...


1. The easiest way to casually add rattan into your home is by purchasing pairs. Either purchase two of the same thing, for example two side chairs to flank your media console OR purchase two different but both rattan items. For example, a chair and a mirror. By purchasing two items you make them relevant to each other and they have a bigger impact. By having two of something, you are putting an important art principle known as Repetition into your home. Repetition makes your home feel cohesive. So instead of one random chair, you have something else in the room that it corresponds to & makes sense with.

2. Another way to add a dash of rattan into your home without it feeling weird is to add green and/or blue accents in as well. The warmth of rattan not only looks stellar with these two colors, but it also helps pull in the coastal or jungle look without saying "We are by the ocean." Ya know?! It's super subtle, but it's enough to blend rattan into your home. Adding a little color is easy -- if you want a mathematical approach then try to make about 10% of your rooms color this new accent color. If that just confused you then forget it, and go with what feels natural! I would do 3 things to add blue or green to a space: simply change out two pillows with ones that have some blue in them, purchase a blue or green vase and put cut stems in it and put it on a table in the room, and then add a small piece of art with the accent color and layer it behind a lamp. EASY! Make it as simple as possible!

3. One more easy & inexpensive way to make your home "inviting" to your new rattan friend is to add plants. If you don't currently have any house plants then purchase 3 for the room that will have rattan in it. Buy 1 tall one and 2 smaller scale plants. Put the tall one in a corner nook that needs some design love and place the smaller plants on side tables, coffee table, dresser, or console. ZZ, jade, rubber tree, ferns, and fiddles are a few of the easiest plants to care for. They practically live off of neglect!

And there you go! You've got a handy list of some of the cheapest & most stylish rattan items on the market and 3 easy ways to style your new piece in your home. You're home will look trendy for just a small bit of money and it will have an effortlessly summer look!



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