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Industrial Airbnb Design (& Shop the Look)

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb that you wish you could somehow pack up with you and then have it unfold & replace your home? You know, the places that make you want to remodel your home and start from scratch?! I have a feeling this is effect that the Kirkwood Airbnb will have.

Not only is it designed beautifully, but it also has an ideal location for an Airbnb in Bloomington, Indiana. The home of Indiana University, Bloomington is rather rich in diversity. It feels like a small town but has quite a bit to do and eat like that of a city. And what's more?! This specific Airbnb was once the fraternity home that Herman B Wells himself lived in.

It's smack dab downtown, about a minute walk from the heart of the campus, and neighbors with the most popular restaurants and bars in town.

With that as the backdrop for this Airbnb, I wanted the design to be fresh and modern but also have a nod to the rich history of IU. The owners of this dreamy Airbnb are drawn to Mid Century Modern, which was so easy to pull into with the contemporary feel.

Because this is an Airbnb we focused on durable but inexpensive pieces. My go-to place for well priced quality chairs & sofas is Article. As for other pieces of inexpensive furniture, I usually browse Target, World Market, Urban Outfitters, & Wayfair-- making sure to read reviews! If a product doesn't have a review and is from one of the listed stores, then I typically don't risk it. Experience has proven that products from these stores are either amazing or not worth a penny.

And since this is an Airbnb, we wanted to keep the design simple with very limited accessories BUT I didn't want it feeling stark. In order for the historic side of IU to pull through, I needed the whole atmosphere to be cozy. Cozy usually means lots of pillows & throws as well as accessories that add to a layered look. Instead of using extra decor, I focused on making huge impacts with materials. Every material that was chosen was picked in order to add a sense of warmth.

Take for example the velvet sofa, it is an extremely mid century design that could easily look cold. But because it has a warm and thick fabric (a gray velvet) it looks so much more inviting! The rug is plush, there is a dark linen chair, a fur blanket, a weaved basket, and plants. These all add up to create a warm environment using modern pieces.

You can't see it here, but the owners did a fantastic job of rounding up art & photography of Kirkwood, IU, Bloomington, & this specific house! Everything except 3 pieces (? pretty sure it's just 3 items?) have something to do with IU. Most are from archives from the 40s & 50s. They did such a great job of pointing to this rich history without feeling tacky! I'm sure there are Airbnbs in Bloomington that have basketball decals in the bedroom... we wanted to keep it classy but celebrate the culture of IU.

To view the rest of the Kirkwood Airbnb, Click HERE.

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