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Finding the Right Rug Size

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Rugs. Often the last piece of the puzzle for rooms. It's the piece that all along we were trying to place but it just never quite fit right... that is until it was the only piece left and it slide in so easily. At least that's how it often works for me! And then WOW does it make the design so clear!

The only issue? It's common for people to purchase the wrong size rug. This ends up cheapening the design and becoming an eye sore rather than the final element that elevates a room. So, I am going to walk you through tips on purchasing the correct rug size.


The rule of thumb for living rooms is to have the front legs of every piece of furniture touching the rug. Usually this means you are looking at 8x10 or 9x12 area rugs. I have yet to see a 5x7 area rug fit a living room.

Designer Tip: If you find a rug you love and it either only comes in a 5x7 or it is too costly to get it bigger, then simply purchase an inexpensive sisal rug and layer the smaller 5x7 on top of it.


Getting the right size of rug for your eating nook or dining room does not only help with aesthetics but it has a functional purpose too. Your rug should extend at least 24" past the edge of the table. This allows for you to comfortably pull out your chair without it falling off the edge of the carpet. Again, "atleast" is the key word. I prefer to have it extend about 3' past to give lots of room! An 8x10 rug works for most dining tables, however a 9x12 is even better-- giving you a little more breathing room.


The size of your bedroom rug is almost entirely based upon your bed size. Below is a great diagram-- showing which rugs fit best for each bed. The rule here is to have the rug extend past the end of the bed as well as several feet out of the side of the bed. As soon as you wake up, you can step down onto a plush landing!

Find that perfect rug in the best size for your room. It'll make your home look so much more luxurious and it will feel oh-so pulled together!



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